Yun’ye’num' Spe’uth Snuhwulh / Laughing Bear Canoe This is a short video of the Canoe being steamed.

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Rose AugustI was ever so grateful to George, Glen for their knowledge of how to do this process and even my relative Doug Lafortune showed up ✔️1 week ago

Yun’ye’num' Spe’uth Snuhwulh / Laughing Bear Canoe May 12th was an exciting day in the carving of the canoe at Chemainus Secondary. John Marston steamed the canoe closer to the finished shape. Staff and students from Chemainus Secondary and Chemainus Elementary had the opportunity to see the process first hand. Community members from Halalt & Penelakut and Stz'uminus came by to observe and help out. It was a 16 hour process that allowed the width of the canoe to increase by more than 7 inches.

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Cowichan Aboriginal Festival Of Film & Art Youth FX Workshops took place April April 23 & 24th Students from Khowhemun Elementary, Frances Kelsey and Cowichan Secondary took part in session that included Going Miles- Finding Your Voice A one or two day workshop with Nathaniel Arcand (Two Indians Talking, Path of Souls, Johnny Tootall and TV Series Heartland, Blackstone, Longmire, Arctic Air) and Dakota House (Blackstone, North of 60, The X Files) Creative Motion A one or two day dance and movement workshop with Madelaine McCallum ( internationally acclaimed Metis and powwow dancer) Student Comments "it was awesome, they should come back and follow up with us.."~Charmaine Ermineskin "Nathaniel, Dakota, and Madeline need to come back again"...~Erica Norris "it was awesome"~Colt George "it was a lot of but it should have been longer, I would go again every year"~Angelina Modeste

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We would like to thank George Seymour, Rita George Greene and Shannon Steininger for arranging a wonderful day for Lake Cowichan students. On May 20th students travelled to Kulleet Bay to harvest clams. They also visited with John Marston at Chemainus Secondary to learn about the Laughing Bear Dug Out Canoe.

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September 3, 2013
Uy’skweyul siem nu siiye’yu!
Tawnshi! Nimeytaen ainwapimitan!
Welcome to another year of growth and learning. Aboriginal education (ABED) is a diverse and vibrant department where we celebrate the gifts, strengths and identity of our students and families and the staff who work with them. We work throughout the district to foster inclusive classrooms and schools where each and every student feels a sense of belonging and experiences academic success.
We want to tell you a little more about who we are and what we do so we have included some answers to frequently asked questions below. You can also visit our website at or join our facebook page We hope that you will make contact with the ABED staff at your school this year, say hi and look for ways to join us in our work.
Denise Augustine                                       Joe Rhodes
Principal of Aboriginal Education              Superintendent                 
250 748 0321 ext 241                               250 748 0321 ext 220

title 2 ‘Ii ch ‘o’ ‘uy’ ‘ul’

Aboriginal Education is a department of School District 79. We are dedicated to improving the success of Aboriginal learners in our school district by working with students, teachers, parents, and administration to support cultural and traditional education strategies for our Aboriginal learners empowering them to excel at their strengths.

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