Aboriginal Curriculum Integration Project

de Bono's Black Thinking Hat
(Gone Fishin')


Print out and distribute a What Doesn't Work and Why sheet for students to follow as a viewing focus for the Raven Tales episode Gone Fishin'. The students should view the episode with de Bono's Black Hat in mind (ie. Why something doesn't work).

Note: While students complete their written pieces, it is important that the teacher reinforces the concept of 'Wearing a Black Hat', in that the students should be looking for the weak points/features of the Raven Tales episode - even if they like the overall video).

For example, students can take the point of view of a television network producer who has just received a sample of Raven Tales in the mail. If the producer does NOT want to purchase Raven Tales for the network, he/she needs to identify the weaknesses/challenges of the episode. These points can include:


Watch the Raven Tales episode Gone Fishin'.

Reminder: It is important to stop throughout the video and give students (A/B partners) opportunity to talk or respond to the video.

Once the video is complete, student partner groups report out to the class. Teacher records the weak points from the video on the board for student reference.


Using their Graphic Organizer as a writing guide, students write a personal reflection on what they disliked in the Raven Tales video. Writing formats can include: