Aboriginal Curriculum Integration Project

de Bono's Red Thinking Hat
(The Flood)


Print out and distribute an Emotions of the Characters sheet for students to follow as a viewing focus for the Raven Tales episode The Flood. The students should view the episode with de Bono's Red Thinking Hat in mind (ie. They should track the emotions of the characters in the episode).

Note: It is important that the teacher reinforces the concept of 'Wearing a Red Hat'. Students should select two/three characters in the episode and record what emotions the characters experience as the story unfolds. Once they have identified the specific emotion, students should connect the event(s) which has/have caused the emotion to occur.


Watch the Raven Tales episode The Flood.

Reminder: It is important to stop throughout the video and give students (A/B partners) opportunity to talk or respond to the video.

Once the video is complete, student partner groups report out to the class. Teacher records the character emotions and their causes on the board.


Using their Graphic Organizer as a writing guide, students write in role as one of the Raven Tales characters. The character's emotions and related cause is the focal point of the writing. The written piece may take many forms which can include: