Basic black and white with border

8 ½“ x 11” Simplified black and white with border and  Hul’q’ umi’num’ names and description when available.  These are the same images with a simplified design.
View the images in the gallery and download the files in PDF format From the list.

Turtle Sqiilqw’uqs
Thunderbird S-hwu-hwa’us
Sun Sumshathut
Salmon Stth’aqwi’
Raven Spaal’
Owl Tsiitmuhw
Otter Sq’eetl’
Octopus Sqi’mukw’
Moon Lhqelts’
Loon Swakwun
Ladybug Smayuqw’a’
King Fisher Tth’uchulu
Killer Whale Q’ul-lhanumutsun
Hummingbird Sxwut’ts’uli(i)
Heron Smuqw’a’
Goose ‘Exu
Frog Wuxus
Emotions Shocked S-telts’e’lh
Emotions Sad Sqiqul-us
Emotions Happy S-i’yus
Emotions Confidence
Emotions Apprehensive Kw’e’ye’lh
Emotions Angry T’eyuq’
Eagle Yuxwule’ Basic
Crow Q’uleeq’e’
Cod Tq’as
Clam S-axwa’
Butterfly Skw’ulwexe’
Big House (S)theew’t-hw
Beaver Squl’ew
Bear Spe’uth Basic