Colour image with border

8 ½“ x 11” Colour image on a white background with border, Hul’q’ umi’num’ names and description when available.
The images can be viewed in the gallery and the PDF Files can be downloaded from the list below.

Bear Spe’uth
Beaver Squl’ew
Butterfly Skw’ulwexe’
 Clam S-axwa’
Cod Tq’as
Crow Q’uleeq’e’
Eagle Yuxwule’

Frog Wuxus
Goose ‘Exu
Heron Smuqw’a’
Hummingbird Sxwut’ts’uli(i)
Killer Whale Q’ul-lhanumutsun
King Fisher Tth’uchulu
Ladybug Smayuqw’a’
Loon Swakwun
Moon Lhqelts’
Octopus Sqi’mukw’
Otter Sq’eetl’
Owl Tsiitmuhw
Raven Spaal’
Salmon Stth’aqwi’

Sun Sumshathut
Thunderbird S-hwu-hwa’us
Turtle Sqiilqw’uqs
Wolf Stqeeye’